Time of Legends

When the world was still young and magic was new, humanity found itself threatened on every side by the monstrosities and powers that formed the world. Bastions of society were kept safe by large walls and powerful magic given from the gods and arcane lore. In between each was vast wilderness, where dark and malevolent forces moved to tear it down. Only a few, who were brave, took it upon themselves to mediate powerful entities and even destroy them. No safety could be found. These heroes were imbued by the gods with power or effected by artifacts and wild surges of arcane creation to become more than the average person and bring the fight outside of major cities, to where the dark things slither and slink around in the dark.

Arcane discovery and might is on the rise. Individuals, seeking greater powers, delve into the secret lore that gods had attempted to hide but could hide no longer. Spell casters are common and lead nearly every part of society. In the past century alone, the atmosphere of humanity has taken a nearly blind pride in their own power. An elite few are rising above and accomplishing miracles and atrocities that astound even the deities. Whispers of a wizard, Morellon of Ithani, is reaching the powers and heights of the gods which are worshipped by all.

The gods themselves are ever present and powerful. Miracles abound and divine agents perform powerful magic that greatly assists and destroys. But, they are not content. Divine wars are being held with armies of their followers, leading to great slaughters of people and cities. Not that alone but the world itself seems in tulmultion, with earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, and hurricanes crashing upon world – causing great destruction and world wide calamites.

Heroes of Legend

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